Kapata Links Riotous Behaviour To Politicians Desperate For Plot One

Minister of Lands Jean Kapata on Thursday told Parliament that the opposition is desperate to get into State House at any cost looking at how they are celebrating the unrest resulting from gassing attacks on citizens.

She rose on a point of order seeking the Speaker’s ruling on the matter, and added that the riots were politically motivated because the rioters were chanting opposition party slogans.

“This, Mr Speaker, raises a lot of suspicions and I want to say that it is politically motivated because the opposition who are supposed to be working hand in hand with the government in such a crisis are busy celebrating the death of people in Lusaka. I speak so because this morning in my constituency in Mandevu and particularly speaking of Chaisa Compound, people woke up around 03:00am, just a handful maybe about ten people and started knocking on people’s doors and saying the police have arrested people that were gassing people. And within a short period of time, people came out of their homes, and immediately the crowd got bigger and people started chanting political party slogans. It means these our colleagues, the opposition political parties, would do anything to get to State House. They don’t care if people die or don’t die.

As I speak, today, three people have died innocently; blood has been shed here in Lusaka and if they were concerned, we would have been working together. Are they in order to push people in our constituencies using their slogans?” she asked.

In response, Speaker Dr. Patrick Matibini said Members of Parliament should wait patiently for the ministerial statement that Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo will issue next Tuesday on the matter and therefore, he could not make a ruling on the point of order.

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