I find it very disturbing when fellow Zambians condemn people who make comparisons, they simply ridicule and say this is Zambia as if it is a country which should not have workers living as poor as they are without hope of better standards

of renumerations like what is happening in other countries ,many Zambians have left for greener pastures to countries that have little or no natural resources, every problem in Zambia is based on the poor economy because of bad systems in place, which can not be improved by politicians elected. When leaders become business dealers it is difficult to consider the plight of those who get money monthly from them who get it almost everyday.
The high cost of living is increasingly causing these effects, the unions are compromised, they are toothless to adequately exercise maximum representation. The salary increments are poorly awarded , at 4% on excuse that govt has no money , but they have increased theirs at 100% comparing themselves to other leaders in other countries, which they don’t like when Zambian workers try to do that. The govt is trying to bring in deputy ministers and increase constituencies , one would think they want to develop the country yet they are looking at it with as a political strategy on parliamentary bills that are presented for voting in the house , but why is the govt falling to award civil servants better salary increments?, if they have enough money to pay deputy ministers, bringing on board more members of parliament, they have a slash fund for caders who are living more comfortable than the govt workers. Where is the problem?.
These are are the reasons creating counter productivty in the civil service, accessing loans is no longer an advantage to the worker,the interest rates are extremely high and the workers are being

constricted when repaying these loans, even the 40% conditionality to allow workers have a take me home is nothing, I understand getting a loan is a personal decision, it is now a desperate measure worker can’t avoid, because what they receive monthly is not enough to manage daily life. The workers are now captives to their own govt, they have no voice to their govt they are serving, if they do they instantly dismissed on allegations that they do not support a wrong govt of the day, this is how a repressive govt which is heartless on everyone conducts itself unless them and their caders.

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