Dearest Lusaka Residents,

1. Dont move aimlessly both during the Day or Night.
2. If you are not sure of address of place you are looking for,dont risk arriving at a house you are not sure of. Get police help at that point.
3. Avoid carrying on you any pesticide or chemicals be it liquid or spray medicine or insecticide like boom, target or any liquid or fluid form contents for any usage and more not in the night. For medical and health preventative needs, acquire during the day and from reputable sources.
4. If you have to spray your backyard gardens, try using natural organic remedies like ash but if have to buy pesticide, I suggest you get a nearby Police consent atleast for now.
5. Quit those awkward hours Road Runs or Gym workouts. For now do it around lunch time hours. Also try home based workouts for now.
6. Avoid moving in groups both in the day and at night.
7. Taxi drivers avoid carrying passengers who are not sure of their destination. If that happens, drop them at a nearest police station to their destination.
8. Avoid spreading stories or rumours you are not 100% sure are factual.
9. Share phone numbers with your neighbours and be each other instant back up before Police arrive.
10. When all fails and in panic, please Call me or Text me ( 0762652909) or Whatsup me via Text, Voice note or short Video.
You can also make contact with me via my Facebook page by inboxing or responding to now to be my frequent post asking for current security status in your various townships.
Stay Safe
Together We Can
Miles B. Sampa
Mayor of Lusaka

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