By George Lemba
Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya has warned Zambians to comply with the health personnel to be going round houses for blood collection.

And Chitalu Chilufya says the blood that will be collected will be for the good of the country adding that many people need it in hospitals.

The Health Minister who is doing this on behalf of President Edgar Lungu also says health workers tasked to collect blood will be accompanied by Police officers in case some citizens prove difficult to comply with blood collection.

Asked why this was being done now, Chilufya stated that it is part of the PF health policy to have a collection of blood from every Zambian.

And on whether people won’t link this to the current gassing of people and alleged blood collection for rituals, Chitalu stated that only mad people would think like that.

The Health minister has announced that health workers will start going door by door collecting blood from everyone including children.

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