A South African Prophet Alph Lukau has warned a Zambian Prophet Shepherd M Mesala that he will die if he continues discrediting him in Zambia.
Yesterday, Prophet Shepherd M Mesala mocked Prophet Alph Lukau for missing a Prophecy on gassing and Ritual Killings in Zambia and described him as a conman.
But in a dramatic turn of events, Prophet Alph Lukau best known for pulling up a stunt to resurrect a person from the dead says, he is not a joke.
Speaking in an Interview with BTT Radio in South Africa, the shinning and smart Prophet praised himself that ‘My name is Alph Lukau’ before proceeding warning a Zambian Based Prophet that he will die if he does not watch out.
After the two Prophets worked together while in South Africa, it seems that they both have unfinished business with each other.
On Sunday Prophet Alph Lukau missed a Prophecy on gassing and Ritual Killings in Zambia after stating that the whole incident started from Lusaka and will Spread to the Copperbelt, a Prophecy Prophet Shepherd M Mesala mocked.

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