By Balewa zulu
The continued gassing of innocent citizens by unknown individuals has adversely affected most businesses in Lusaka.
A check by phoenix news in some markets in Lusaka found that most small businesses have recorded a reduction in their sales due to reduced trading hours for fear of being gassed.
And those trading in body perfumes say they fail to sell any of their products as people suspect that they are selling the unknown chemicals.
Meanwhile former Zambia chamber of commerce and industry-ZACCI- president Micheal nyirenda says the ongoing unrest caused by unknown individuals gassing members of the public has a negative impact on businesses in the country.
Mr Nyirenda in an interview with phoenix news is concerned that if not addressed quickly, the situation will be disastrous as it will inhibit the growth of the economy.
He says businesses are now forced to close early due to security concerns arising from gassing incidences.
Further, Mr Nyirenda is of the view that Zambia will record a downward growth of the economy as most investors are likely to lose confidence in the country due to the current happenings.

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