Sometimes I wonder where you draw your strength from.
You stay for months without buying clothes for yourself all because you want to put food on the table…
You stay hungry just so your family can eat and survive..
You get dressed and leave the house without direction, but you come back home with money after toiling day and night..
Some of you have been embarrassed, disgraced and abused because you can’t afford to get a decent job and when you bring home peanuts, they throw it right back in your face..
I know how you have deprived yourself of basic education just so your children can eat..
Most times you are insulted, abused by people you are older than, but you take the insults all because of your wife and kids..
Your parents look up to you for survival and they don’t even care if you have a job or not, you just have to provide for the family..
You pay huge bride prices just to marry the woman you love and you end up taking care of her family, take care of her siblings and even train some of them..
How you do all these amazes me and I pray the good lord to bless your hustle..
Stay alive for your mother, your wife and your kids !!, your loved ones in general
If you have a man that tries, a brother that tries,take one day and appreciate him, he might be starving just for you to survive!!
Dear Men, God Blessed !!!

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