By Mika Mwambazi.
Last night, I was attacked by a gang of about 10 men armed with bricks, rocks, metal rods, pieces of broken wood – and all sorts.
They popped out of nowhere, heading straight towards my car, blocking the road ahead. It was somewhere between Chelstone and Kamanga area.
I slowed down seeing as there was no way through. They surrounded my car on both sides demanding that I get out so that they could search for – I don’t know what.
My gut instinct told me to hit accelerate. These guys looked drugged up, rough and extremely dangerous. So I stepped on the gas and begun to speed away.
That’s when one of them threw a brick that completely shattered my back window. On impact, glass and debris was flying all over the car.
There’s been a spate of these attacks in Lusaka but all in all, I just thank God for that prompting. It made the difference between life and death, getting raped, gassed, ritually murdered or worse.
I reported the incident to Chelstone Police in the early hours. I don’t know if they’ll do anything about it but my appeal to Lusaka motorists is:
If a gang of thugs randomly block the road, asking you to stop so they can search your car. DON’T STOP – run into them if you have to but whatever you do, don’t stop!

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