The Ministry of Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya has invited Zambians who are ready to be removed 14mls of blood at their homes to recieve K1,000 cash each.
Dr. Chitalu Chilufya says the Money is given to people to be motivated into accommodating Health Officers who will be collecting blood from house to house.
The Minister says only those who will agree will be visited and given money as a Motivation.
The University of Maryland Baltimore through a Project called ZAPHA-20 has injected US$12,000,000 for this undertaking.
He says some of the benefits for people who will give out their blood for HIV testing and other diseases are:-
•It will enable individuals test for HIV in the comfort of their own homes with no cost.
•It will enable individuals found HIV positive be linked to treatment, care and support if you are not already doing so.
•It will enable individuals found HIV positive to protect their partner and loved ones from contracting HIV virus.
•It will enable an individual who already knows his/her positive status to re- test and know his/her viral load
Your participation will help your community and Zambia to understand our progress towards controlling the HIV epidemic.
•Will help in policy formulation targeted at bringing the HIV epidemic under control and ending AIDS by 2030.

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  1. Anonymous


    Why are you people so ignorant sure..blood for what…why all that blood for simple HIV TEST.stay woke people of zambia please.

    • Professor X


      its funny how these people are ready to give so much for ten hundred kwachas. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. Anonymous


    This just shows how desperate they are in need of blood and how much they are willing just to convince Zambian citizens to give their blood. This is a wake up call for all zambians to see what this government is all about. As the son of this nation please amwa peeling be wise

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