Inside state house sources have confirmed that there is a very calculated plan to institute Hakainde Hichilema’s multiple arrest in 2020.
According to Sources, there is a case already against Hichilemaa for the Chiluba bye election violence which will form part of the cases.
Had Hichilema refused to leave Chilubi, there was already plans to arrest him and lock him up by now.
The plans are well tabulated from March till December 2020 and aim is to ensure that Hichilema is ineligible to stand in 2021 as he will be in Jail.
Security wings briefed President Edgar Lungu that should Hichilema stand in 2021, he is going to win 2021 General Elections and all current PF leaders will be in Jail due to stolen wealthy through corruption and it has been engineered in such a way that he is not released when 2021 elections are due.
The corrupt Judiciary whose names are on the list will handle his case. Hichilema will be released on bail but not when he get arrested during his last supper like christ in December 2020 during which president Lungu will announce day of election.
Among cases is First degree murder, Felony, Terrorism, Destabilising the country by insighting violence and lawlessness.
We have a copy of concocted document that Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has ficticiously and criminally dogmatised to implicate Hichilema as the masterminder behind Gassing and Ritual Killings.

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