I sent a person to President HH’s place to check on reports that some policemen were on their way from force headquarters . The messenger found a land-cruiser along the road behind HH’s place. It was parked next to his fence and Inside were two people in police uniform . Two other people in plain clothes were standing on the road. The policemen asked the messenger what he was doing there . He cheated them that he was a resident in the neighbourhood. After realising that someone had seen them, they jumped in their land-cruiser and sped in the direction of town along the Ring road.
Colleagues, let’s be alert. Some incriminating evidence such as the chemicals being used to gas people might be planted in HH’s yard just to have been arrested and barred from contesting the 2021 elections. They are probably planning to search his premises anytime soon. This is very sad!
Charles Kakoma
UPND Spokesperson

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