Charles Kakoma

The UPND says it has noted with dismay attempts by the Patriotic Front Media Team and Smart Eagles to twist facts relating to the proposed dialogue between President Edgar Lungu and its Leader Hakainde Hichilema.
Party spokesperson Charles Kakoma says the dialogue was proposed by Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo when he was giving a ministerial statement in Parliament on Wednesday 19th February 2020.
He said Mr Kampyongo called for dialogue between the PF and it’s government on one hand and the UPND on the other hand to resolve problems currently affecting the nation which the UPND and Mr Hichilema have agreed to.
Mr Kakoma emphasised that Mr Kampyongo asked the UPND to dialogue and does not see why the UPND should have rejected the dialogue.
He noted that for a long time, the UPND has been calling for dialogue through the Three Church Mother Bodies and if UPND did not respond positively to Mr Kampyongo’s call for dialogue, some people could have misconstrued that they are unwilling to seek some solutions through dialogue and that they may be hiding something.
Mr Kakoma said the UPND have nothing to hide as they are a civilised and responsible group of people who have always been open and available for genuine dialogue.
“In our understanding, a ministerial statement represents government position. Mr Kampyongo was the bearer of the message of dialogue from Mr Lungu. It is therefore surprising that the PF Media Director Sunday Chanda and the PF sponsored Smart Eagles can poor scorn on the proposal by the minister for dialogue and twist facts to insinuate that the UPND are begging for dialogue because of an imaginary offence”, he added.
Mr Kakoma noted with regret propaganda and facts are also being twisted to insinuate that the UPND is opting for dialogue instead of law enforcement.
He said in a statement that dialogue does not replace or take away the responsibility of the police and other law enforcement agencies from performing their duties to protect life and property from criminals such as those gassing people.
Mr Kakoma said Law and order as well as the rule of law should prevail and it is wrong for innocent people to be gunned down by the police or killed by instant justice mobs.
He said this injustice is causing people to lose confidence in the police and going forward both PF and UPND must focus on genuine dialogue to help resolve the current crisis.
“But it appears some people are against dialogue and are mockingly putting spanners in the proposed dialogue”, said Mr Kakoma.

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