Inonge Mukelabai Namuya cries
“Today Friday marks one week two days since you met your fate, my brother Muyapekwa Mukelabai, being burnt alive like an animal is something I have failed to believe to-date. You were a good child, a young man who was full of respect and love. Leaving behind your wife and children is something one can never wish. Your assailants have gained but we have lost, at least a few individuals who were present recall very well how you pleaded to have your life spared but they never listened and went ahead beat you with planks and broke your legs and later set you ablaze. Its was later publicly confirmed by police officers that you were 100% innocent as you were just knocking off from work. All people now know that they killed an innocent man. Identifying your body was the most horrifying moment I have ever experienced in my life! Until we meet again, go well Mr. MUKELABAI, your death has left me in tears.
Your Sister Inonge!

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