Dear Kwacha TimesJames left home early in the morning as usual, 5:30hrs. He does not have a formal job. All he does is go round people’s yards in rich residential areas, where he is offered piece jobs such as slashing and landscaping.
He lost his job as security guard way back after the security company he worked for was closed, he was raised by his single mother who is in her late 80s,his mother stays in the village, ang James being the only child of his mother he happens to be the only pillar her mother has, she looks forward to recieving a bag of millie meal every month which she survives on with her 2 grand children, the children’s of her late daughter Maureen who died after being hit with a round bar by her drunk husband who is currently in prison, the children are of less than 10 years old.
Today seems to be a beautiful day, James washes his face kisses his son on the forehead as he says “uyende ku skulu wanvela, I’ll buy you another pair of shoes and new uniform next week, tell your teacher ati dad will pay the balance for school fees on Monday.”
He says as he fakes the smile trying not to show his sadness to his 9 years old son.
He looks at his wife and say” amake Brian, please remember to eat your lunch on time, I know there is a little milli meal left, but God will provide please don’t punish yourself with hunger, here is k10 you should buy kapenta or ma eggs, please look you are pregnant, don’t starve yourself, you will be starving the unborn child”he said his bye and off he went.
He went first to where he worked the previous day, he still had some work left to be completed and he did not get his payment.
He was given a job to dig the soakaway, he dug the whole day, without food on his stomach he got so tired but he had to carry on, he just had to finish, each time he wanted to rest he thought of his starving mother, his nieces, his sons school uniform, his pregnant wife and the almost finishing bag of millie meal at home, it was a Friday and if he would not finish it meant he was never going to have any money till next week Monday, he gathered the little energy left in him, and dug as hard as he could.
“Ba James” someone called him. “it’s getting late and you are still in that pit?” it was his boss he had arrived, it was now 18:23 it was indeed getting late, yes sir I have to finish this today, I have something to do on Monday so I have to finish”he said.
“it’s alright, you can still finish on Tuesday, moreover, Ba Phiri the builder is still working on the house in Chunga” said his boss, “to be honest i have to get paid today, sorry sir but my sons school fees and we also do not have food at home so..”
It is OK ba James, ill give you your money, promise you will come and finish when you have time before end of next week, now come out clean yourself, when you are done let knock at the door I’ll bring your money, said his boss.
James was all joy in his heart, he can finally go home with something for the family, he can now fulfil his promise to his son.
He quickly washes his feet hands and head, got his pay, k800, says thank you, as he was leaving, the wife to his boss calls him back, she gives him a loaf of bread and a bottle of cooking oil “give this to your wife Mr James” she said.
As James walked his 2 hours walk home, he reaches a place where there is a football group, its dark, its 20:45 hours, he is not scared he is all happy, suddenly “iwe, imilila apo” someone shouted from behind, James is frightened, he knows these should be some thieves, he tried to run, and someone shouts”bo sprayer! Uyo! Uyo! ”
Within a few minutes, he was being pulled back and forth, tell us who sends you” he was being asked questions from all directions, punches and slaps from all directions, he tried to explain but as the crowd grew larger and the beating harder, he could hardly speak, they had stollen his money from his pocket already, he was hit with a piece of timber on the back of the head, he cried, he called his mother’s name, “mother, mother, mother am dying, God will take care of you, my, my son, my unborn child, God be with you” James cried, as the crowd cheered and scream burn him! Burn!
James was beaten, killed, murdered, burnt to ashes, leaving behind his pregnant wife, his son, his old mother and his nieces.

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