The Young African Leaders Initiative has claimed that the sponsors of gassing attacks want to project themselves as an alternative leadership of Zambia. Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) president Andrew Ntewewe says those behind gassing incidents want Zambians to begin championing calls for change of government.
He was speaking at a media briefing at Mika Lodge in Lusaka on Wednesday.
Ntewewe appealed to Zambians to wake up and realise that the real intention of those who were “sponsoring chemical gassing in your homes is to raise discontent or excite disaffection among the people of Zambia.”
He added that the other argument of the ‘gassers’ could be that they want to bring government into hatred or contempt.
“Zambians must never forget that after 2016 elections, there has been a deliberate refusal by a clique of politicians, a group of hoodlums and a bunch of anarchists and their followers to recognise the legitimacy of the President,” Ntewewe said. “In so many ways, they are doing every act, including sponsoring some foreign prophets who have endorsed them but also speak against our country, as a way of proving that this government is not legitimate, and cannot be trusted.”
He asked what benefit anarchists got when they engaged in ‘acts of terror.’
Ntewewe said the ‘sponsors of the ongoing terrorism’ where homes and institutions of learning were being gassed had an ultimate goal and gains.
“Their ultimate goal is to make a picture in the mind of Zambians and the outside world that Zambia has become ungovernable. The sponsors of these terror attacks want to project themselves as an alternative leadership,” said Ntewewe.
“They want Zambians to begin championing calls for change. They will promise you that they will end the chemical gassing of homes and institutions if you vote for them. The question is how? They are saying so because they themselves are the ones who have sponsored those gassing your homes. They know the people they have sponsored to gas you.”

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