By Kwacha Times Editor.
A Nigerian Prophet Andrew Annointed populary known as Seer 1 says Zambia loves prayer more, such that even if someone was caught sleeping with their wives, all they could do is call for Prayer and Fasting.
Seer 1 mocked Zambian Clergies of being useless and stupid because when those in Government steal, abuse people, kill people, abuse other tribes, Corruption and getting evil power’s from Prophets and Sangoma’s etc, they just call for the Day of National Prayer and Fasting and everyone will be seen speaking in tongues.
In our opinion unless if you are looking at it from a jealous point of view, but if not, then you will make sense from the little we will share here.
This brings us to the current situation in Zambia! Ritual Killings, Gassing, Mob Injustice, tribalism and abuse of role of law.
The Zambian men of God has demonstrated what cowardice looks like. They are all quite and the next thing instead of urging government to tell the Nation what is going on, already three days of Prayer and Fasting and President Edgar Lungu will pray with them today at Mulugushi Conference.
We remember vividly even if Seer 1 is a Prophet of doom, he told the Nation that he gave evil power’s to PF Ministers and Mayors such as Bishop Chomba and the Kasama mayor. Some few Zambians were made to believe that Seer 1’s fight was not between PF Ministers and Mayors but instead Zambians.
This forced Zambian men and women of God to call for National Prayers and Fasting that evil was fighting Zambia. Men of gOD like Apostle Sunday Sinyangwe jumped on his alter declaring that Seer 1 was fighting Zambians and they should fire prayers to the evil.
He made his church gowers pray in tangues, jumped like frogs from one chair to the other and later their Apostle was exposed that despite working with Seer 1 who is a self confessed Satanist, Seer 1 planted a demon in his wife’s womb. And Zambians jumped in all directions firing prayers at evils from Seer 1 again. From an Individual fight to a National Fight!
What we find amusing also is that despite being a prayerful country, Zambia is still in bad shapes because of deceptive Prayer and Fasting that seems to be mocking God.
Zambia’s Christian Nation tag seems has gone to the dogs because no one seems to know what being a Christian looks like. We believe that people in Zambia kill, commit adultery, Steal, gossip, hate each other’s tribe, shed blood during Campaigns and at the end of the day we call ourselves Christian Nation. This happens almost on a daily basis.
If Zambia was indeed a Christian Nation and not Politically Pronounced, Zambia would have been a place of sweet and honey because we believe God would have blessed it already to reward his people. Stop the hypocrisy of being a Christian Nation because your idiocy is making other God loving individuals to be punished with you.
So far we have seen how PF officials are linked to terrorism, hacking people back and forth, killing innocent blood. But they wanted to confuse Zambians and started accusing the Opposition, before they could know it, God exposed them and their plan and what is the Solution? Three days of Prayer and Fasting which President Edgar Lungu will make a political statement.

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