The Football Association of Zambia -FAZ Electoral Appeals committee has thrown out former FAZ President and Football icon Kalusha Bwalya’s appeal to allow him contesting the position of president at the March 28th, 2020 FAZ elective annual general meeting.
Chairman of the electoral committee Mando Mwitumwa says among other reasons of the failed appeal by Bwalya is that FIFA ethics committee only had Bwalya’s sentence and fine reduced and not overturned.
Mwitumwa adds that from that point, Bwalya’s appeal has not passed the test.
Bwalya who was FAZ President from 2008 to 2016 and lost to incumbent Andrew Kamanga had appealed to the FAZ Electoral Appeals committee against his failed integrity test as he wants to bounce back for the FAZ top job.
Mwitumwa further says the committee agree that it was wrong for the electoral committee to advance additional grounds of disqualifying Bwalya after the lodging of the appeal.
However, Mwitumwa says the net effect is that Bwalya does not qualify to contest the forthcoming FAZ election on account of failure to pass the integrity check.
He adds that the integrity check is a mandatory requirement both by FAZ constitution and the FIFA code of ethics.
But Bwalya says he is confident that he will contest the FAZ Elections slated for 28th of March, 2020.
Bwalya says the bodies set to conduct integrity checks, and hearing appeals are questionable and lack in jurisdiction to carry out their functions.
He said in a statement that the FAZ Electoral Appeals Committee Chairman Mando Mwitumwa did not declare conflict of interest.
Bwalya disclosed that the law firm where Mwitumwa is a partner is the one which represented FAZ in the case were former FAZ Vice President Richard Kazala sued the Association in the High court.
Bwalya noted that this temporary setback should not be taken to heart, saying his administration will help restore the glory of Zambian football.

Source: ZNBC Sports

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