Ruling PF Lusaka Province chairperson Paul Moonga says police must strictly scrutinise information from GBM and the others on gassing, saying it is a criminal offence to alarm the nation.

And Moonga charged that Colonel Panji Kaunda only qualified to be called a Colonel because of his father Dr Kenneth Kaunda being Republican president at the time, saying he should be helping to provide solutions rather than blaming President Edgar Lungu for the problems in the country.

Asked if it was not only responsible for PF member Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) to report to the police the information he claimed to have that he knew the people behind the gassing, Moonga said every information must be treated with the cautiousness it deserved.

“I for one I’m never going to pinpoint-fingers to people without proper candid evidence. It is very dangerous. It’s extremely dangerous to alarm the nation. It’s a criminal offence to alarm the nation. So if GBM has any information as a senior citizen I’m sure by now he could have given the police officers. We have professionals who we can give information,” Moonga said.

“They must now try to check ‘okay GBM’s information, how accurate is the information?’, because we have professional police, professional office of the President, we have all the wings of government, military and so on and so forth. So they need to check every information coming from individuals, how accurate this information is before we can rush in an arrest of a person.”

He said depending on the accuracy of the information, those in the security wings could then proceed to place a surveillance on the suspects.

“If GBM has given, it may be correct…so every information must be taken seriously and see to it that okay ‘let’s follow up these people’,” Moonga said.

“They shall never just wake up one morning (and say) ok Paul Moonga said this, they come and pounce on you Patson. No! They would like to weigh the evidence given before the police. Police works on candid evidence, not hearsay, not on rumours.”

He said Col Panji should be offering solutions on how to arrest the perpetrators given his military background.

“He’s suffering from neomitis, a disease which causes the person to fail to think…so Colonel Panji as old as he is, with grey hair now, with a bold head now, people are supposed to get some wisdom out of him,”

Col Panji also said that he could not put it beyond some elements in the ruling party and government for being behind the gassing so that they could frame certain opposition politicians.

Col Panji recalled how they sponsored their supporters with pangas during late presidency Michael Sata’s presidency, the violent treatment of them MMD national secretary Major Richard Kachingwe and the violence against former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa, where the helicopter she was traveling in was stopped from landing.

But Moonga said there was no evidence that the people connected with the violent conducts Col Panji had mentioned were behind the spate of gassing around the country.

He said he witnessed one incidence where his own neighbor was gassed recently, soon after cutting the electricity supply on the transformer which passed through his farm.

“Which President has ever resigned because of such nonsense? During the Black Mamba and Zero Option did (former president Frederick) Chiluba resign…does he want President Lungu to behave like Chiluba who put his father in prison on Christmas, where he went on a hunger strike?” asked Moonga.

“We have a man who is humble , who is trying to seek reality…Col Panji should buy divine noni to treat neomitis. It’s K450, I can even buy it for him.” he bragged.

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