PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni has maintained that the ban on bare breasts at the Nc’wala traditional ceremony of the Ngoni is still in-force even this year.
And Mpezeni says the Eastern Province mini-expo that will coincide with the Nc’wala ceremony has come at the right time.
Responding to a question from journalists during a recent media briefing at his Ephendukeni Palace over the issue of exposing breasts which was banned last year, Mpezeni said certain things need to be outlawed.
“Viyakene vinthu osati tivingenelere ngati, nchifukwa chake kale kale enze kuti akafwa munthu kwenze shanzi, kwenze kuti kapena neo namwalira mkulu wangu kwenze kuloba mung’anda mwangu neo kuti asunge
bana, lomba masiku bano chokolo kuliye(We should not go deep into certain things, that’s why in the past there was wife inheritance, like if I die my elder brother would inherit my wife to keep my children but now those things are not there),” he said.
Mpezeni said even the Ngonis should move with the current times.
“Lomba neo ningalekelenji kuchinja, lomba weo ufuna kuti ukazingoona maziba ya anyoko, weyiona liziba pali ukalunyonkha pala manje kuti ukanione soti..nikubanthu kula (why can’t I change, you wanted to continue seeing your mothers breast, you saw it when you were being breast fed now you still want to see it…there will be a lot of people there),” he said.
On the Chipata/Vubwi road, Mpezeni said he was informed by the Road Development Agency that it would work on the road after rain season.
“I normally talk about this road and many other roads. They also answered me that they will work on the road. I am also waiting so we are all waiting whether they will work on it, we don’t know. So I feel I can answer like that,” he said.
And Mpezeni said the Expo was welcome because the province was rich in natural resources.
“We have minerals, we have a lot of things. It’s better for people to know what we have here in the province. You know most of the times you will find that there could be gold in chief Nyalugwe’s area but the chief may not even know or see what gold is. He may not know gold but mukula…The Expo will help us in so many ways,” he said.
Mpezeni said he was happy that the mini-Expo would coincide with the ceremony.
The provincial mini-Expo that would be held under the ‘Pursuing Climate Smart Investment and ensuring cultural unity’ will run from Februry 27 to the 28th.
The mini-Expo will be a curtain raiser to the main Expo slated for August this year.
Credit: The Mast/By Christopher Miti

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