By stembridge sikalundu
The nation still awaits to know a lot of things not answered by the state which are very suspicious in nature, we have an act in this country which prohibits importing chemicals without authorization, govt is obliged to monitor any industrial substances that are imported in the country through our boarder points, the state police have not disclosed the source of these chemicals and who the manufacturer is, how can a substance that is being used to toxicate citizens be available in almost all the parts of the country without specifications on the quantity of scale , the ministry of Agriculture has imported different pastecides to control a lot of pastes that have invaded crops, the mechanisms are well controlled to ensure there is no carelessness in the distribution process ,but why has govt failed to establish what this toxic substance is, where is it stored, those apprehended must have had some exhibits for citizens to know, this is a very dangerous game going on in the country , a well organised and supported with a huge expenditure base , the motive was expected to be known from one suspect immediately after arrest, why is the police waiting to arrest everyone involved in the country, this delay is pointing to many arrows in One Direction, and the game is turning nasty, because the previous gassing is not different from any new case that happens after, but why is the nation not being given the right information at the right time, we can not be waiting for the court proceedings indefinitely, whether govt take its time for any reasons best known to them, the answer is in between politics and the truth is already heading somewhere, and always has a way out, those gassing and those gassed have similar risks, they will not be tamed forever .

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