*Journalist:* Hon. Minister, what do you think of this year’s budget allocation to your ministry?

*Minister:* The problem with UPND is that they have never been in government. The people of Zambia have rejected them. The PF government under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu is delivering unprecedented development.

*Journalist:* Hon. Minister, what is your ministry planning to achieve in the next 5 years? How is the government planning to dismantle the national debt?

*Minister:* The problem in Zambia is that we don’t have any opposition, they don’t offer alternatives, they have no solutions. Only President Lungu has a vision and solutions, HH just wants to go to State House.


*Journalist:* Hon Minister, since we have so much talk about Climate Change, what do you think of this year’s meager budgetary allocation towards Climate Change.

*Minister:* UPND like politicizing everything, even matters of climate change that they don’t even understand. I can assure you that when UPND come to power, they will be promoting gay rights instead of promoting climate change, HH can even privatize climate change. We know they sold the mines. Zambia is a Christian

nation, we should reject UPND for promoting gay rights and hunger in rural areas!

( *What a waste! And this is a Minister who is getting paid K80,000 every month. What have we done to deserve this kind of mediocrity?* )

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